The Hooters - Biography

Bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene in 1980, the Hooters quickly became a huge success along their native East Coast. Their unique blend of ska, reggae and rock n roll was a fresh and powerful sound that could not be ignored.
In 1983 the Hooters released their first independent album “Amore”;, which sold over 100,000 copies. An essential part of any true Hooters fan’s collection, “Amore” introduced the original versions of songs like “All You Zombies”, “Hanging On A Heartbeat”, “Fightin’ On The Same Side” and “Blood From A Stone”, all songs which would reappear in different versions on later albums. Although a studio album, “Amore” captured the same raw spirit and energy that made the Hooters so well loved for their great live performances.

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The Hooters - Members

The Hooters are:
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Eric Bazilian: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, String/Wind Instruments
Rob Hyman: Lead Vocals, Hammond Organ, Accordion, Keyboards
John Lilley: Guitar, Background Vocals
Fran Smith, Jr: Bass Guitar, Vocals
David Uosikkinen: Drums, Percussion

ericEric Bazilian
Birthday : July 21

1. 2-3-4 sentences about this summer tour (Experiences, feelings eg):
Our four weeks in Germany were both the longest and the shortest of my life. It is no exaggeration to say that I've never had more fun on a consistent basis than I did with my Hooters Army this year. As great as it was to be back in Germany enjoying its many pleasures (the beer, the fans, the food, the landscape, the beer, the fans, the beer), I have never had a more reliable source of joy (outside of family, of course...) than our two hours on stage each night.

One notable aspect of this...the interaction between band members seems to have changed in a significant way. I know, from my own point of view, that I have become far more relaxed about everything, and now feel absolute confidence in everyone on the stage. I have found a new dimension of joy from hearing and responding to the "accidents" that happen each night. My appreciation for

all my fellow Hooters has found a whole new level. I love and cherish everything about them. We are, indeed, a family. 

2. A greeting to all the Hooters fansite visitors: Hallo, Deutsche Hooters Fans! Wie geht's? Thank you so very, very much for coming to see us night after night, after all these years. Thank you even more for giving us a reason to come back together again. Wir sehen uns....SOON.

3. How/why did you start doing music? My mother was a concert pianist before I was born and continued to play for many years. I grew up watching her and seeing how the music moved her. Then I saw the Beatles on TV for the first time and saw how it could move me. There was no turning back. The next day I started my first band.

4. When did you join the Hooters? I first formed the Hooters with Rob in late 1979, early 1980. It was only an Idea, until we found David, our drummer, at which point it became a band.

5. Daily business beside the Hooters? The past eight years have been very fulfilling, as well as very confusing. I have enjoyed working as a songwriter and producer for other artists, as well as the occasional solo gig with my own bands both at home and in Sweden. But as soon as I stepped out on the stage of The Spectrum in Philadelphia in November, 2001 I knew that I am, first and foremost, a Hooter. I imagine that I will continue to work as a writer/producer for other artists, but knowing that somewhere in the near future there is a Hooters gig and record gives meaning to it all.

6. Any solo music projects? I've released two solo records and recorded at least two more (which may or may not ever be heard). Hopefully some of that material will make it on to a Hooters record, and I also look forward to doing more solo gigs in the future. I think that performing as a solo artist only makes one more complete in him/herself, which makes the band that much stronger.



robRob Hyman
Birthday: April 24

1. 2-3-4 sentences about this summer tour (Experiences, feelings eg): I don't think any of us really knew what to expect when we returned to Germany for our 20th Anniversary Tour of Summer 2003. And it truly surpassed all of
our expectations! We did have a great feeling of anticipation in rehearsals, thinking of being back onstage after 8 years, seeing old friends and visiting favorite places. Immediately upon our arrival, we were not disappointed - and there were many new faces this time as well. The energy and spirit of the Hooters' fans never let us down. It really was a wonderful time, and we look forward to more....

2. A greeting to all the Hooters fansite visitors: To all of the Hooters' Fans - old and new - thanks again for your incredible energy, excitement, and especially your tuneful singing!

3. How/why did you start doing music? When I was around 4 or 5. I did take some classical lessons, but it was rock-and-roll that I wanted to play. I started my first band, the Trolls, when I was 13, played at some school dances and parties, and I was hooked! There's nothing like your first garage band - except the Hooters of course. And we had our own garage, called "the Ranch." So I guess some things never change.

4. When did you join the Hooters? Eric and I started the band in the early 80s. It was to be a vehicle for our songwriting, and the instrumental sound that we heard in our heads. In the beginning that was a mix of reggae, ska, dub and basic rocking. The melodica, which was nicknamed the "Hooter", was one of the first new sounds we used. Other sounds like the mandolin, accordion, recorder and saxophone were added to the basic mix of electric guitars, keyboards and drums. We were on our way...

5. Daily business beside the Hooters? I feel very fortunate that music has been a full-time job. In addition to the Hooters, I have worked with other artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, the Chieftains, and even some sessions with Mick Jagger. As the Hooters' touring and recording schedule slowed down, I decided to put together my own studio to pursue various musical projects. The studio was completed in March of 2003, and will be the home for my collection of various keyboards. Hopefully these sounds will show up on a new Hooters album.

6. Any solo music projects? It seems that our Summer German tour has re-energized the Hooters, and we'd love to see if new songs will come our way. As for solo stuff - there are many things I'd like to try, and many songs I've written outside of the band. It might show a different style or sound, but for now I'm still gathering the ideas. Someday I'd love to do an album of just solo piano, or one featuring the many organs and odd keyboards I've collected.

6. Any solo music projects? Once again, thanks to the fantastic Hooters Fans who never cease to amaze us with their devotion....and patience! We'll try not to keep you waiting so long next time.



johnJohn Lilley
Birthday: March 3rd

1. 2-3-4 sentences about this summer tour (Experiences, feelings eg):

The summer tour in Germany for me was totally more than I could have ever expected. It was so much fun every night on stage. Our fans are so loyal that it made us all feel welcome back performing again as a band. Our plan is to return again next summer with some new material and do it all over again. I can't wait!

3. How/why did you start doing music? I started playing music after I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. That was it for me. I knew I wanted to be a musician. I owe many thanks to my father, who was very instrumental in helping me along with my music studies and always encouraging me. I know he is with me whenever I perform.

Daily business beside the Hooters? Aside from performing with the band, I have created a successful Landscape Design/Build company. When I was in between tours and as a child, I always gardened. It was a natural thing for me to get into and presents a whole other creative outlet. Over the past 8 years my company has grown by leaps and bounds.



franFran Smith, Jr.
Birthday: July 17

1. 2-3-4 sentences about this summer tour (Experiences, feelings eg): I firmly believe that The Hooters' fans have as much to do with the success of our touring as do the band members. Germany has the greatest fans anywhere on the planet! The tour this past summer was the best one I ever remember doing and we have had the privilege of playing your Country several times.

2. How/why did you start doing music? I started playing the drums when I was 8-9. I've always loved music. I told my 6th grade teacher on career day that I was going to be a rock star and a silence came over the classroom.

3. When did you join the Hooters? 1987-88, even though I always felt like the missing Hooter since 1982.

4. Daily business beside the Hooters? Writing new songs, learning new Bass riffs. I am an actor in an off Broadway Play called Toni and Tina's wedding. And I am constantly working on comedy material for a book I would love to eventually publish!

5. Any solo music projects? Anything you want to tell!! I am currently working on my next solo CD. I am hoping to release it this fall. Have written about 30 pretty cool ones, now have to get it down to 15.



daveDavid Uosikkinen

1. 2-3-4 sentences about this summer tour (Experiences, feelings eg): I must confess that I no idea that the tour would be as successful as it was and I'll qualify it by telling you what I mean by success. On a personal level, hanging with my pals Rob, Eric, John, Fran and the crew which is like a family to me... The German audiences were amazing and you can't beat our fans, they are the best..

2. A greeting to all the Hooters fansite visitors: Hey all and thanks for all support while we were in Germany. You made us feel at home as you always do...I/we look forward to our next time around.

When did you join the Hooters? 1980 But I think I did a demo with Rob and Eric in 79'

Daily business beside the Hooters? Managing music on the Internet/Producing/ sessions
music projects?

5. Any solo music projects? Working on something......


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